Our Visionary Leadership

Our founders are accomplished and visionary entrepreneurs with a successful record  of identifying unfulfilled market niches.

Dr. Vincent O. EbuhFounder
Dr. Vincent O. Ebuh – Ronald H. Brown “Lion of Africa” award for Outstanding private sector leadership in Africa, 2011. Founding Director of Zenith, one of Nigeria’s largest banks which recently completed an IPO and is now capitalized over $5.5 billion dollars. Mr. Ebuh is Founding Chairman of Petrolog International with offices in London, Houston, and Lagos. In 2014, Petrolog commissioned and built the DSV Vinnice, a DP2 saturation diving vessel worth over $100 million dollars, for the African market. Dr. Ebuh is a graduate of Harvard OPM 26, and alumni of Oxford, Georgetown, and Stanford University.
David E. CarterFounder
David E. Carter – All time leading seller of graphic design, logo, marketing and branding books in the world; recently released his 114th book. Awarded prestigious Clio and Emmy awards for creative endeavours. A successful 35-year entrepreneurial career specializing in marketing and media. Mr. Carter has founded 9 successful companies and his work has been recognized by winning the coveted Clio and 7 Emmy awards. Mr. Carter is a graduate of Harvard OPM 26.
Jeffrey F. RayportFounder
Mr. Jeffrey F. Rayport – Called a “Web Visionary” by the New York Times, a leading thinker of the digital age in marketing strategies, he coined the term “viral marketing”. Distinguished Professor at Harvard Business School 1991-1999. CEO of Marketspace, a global consulting firm specializing in new information technologies and marketing strategies. Mr. Rayport is a past professor of Harvard OPM.
Randy CarpenterCEO
Randy Carpenter – A successful 25-year management career, Mr. Carpenter has successfully developed and implemented new ventures for Fortune 500 companies American Brands and Reebok International. In this position, Randy will provide the direction needed to oversee operations, marketing, finance, and outsourced services.