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ur data and delivery systems solves your travel information problems.

Since the birth of the automobile, adults of all ages have enjoyed the freedom of the open road. With each passing year, automobiles have become more powerful and reliable resulting in trips of greater and greater distances. Today, there are 730 billion miles driven on the U.S. Interstate system, and over 1 billion person trips each year. (US Dept. of Transportation, 2013). And, as the American traveler travels these miles, they are looking for more conveniences and preferences along the way.

Even with the birth of navigation systems in cell phones and tablets – replacing many conventional maps – travelers are still forced to select, highlight, and contact each facility along their route to uncover the information he/she needs. Or, worse yet, travelers are required to refer to the stagnant and often dated billboards for information between point A (origin) and point B (destination). With more people traveling the interstates than ever before, and more information atour fingertips via our cell phones, there is no source for exit information along the nation’s highways. This is an enormous opportunity for travelers to get the information they desire along the way, and an equally enormous opportunity for businesses wanting to advertise to these travelers. With 47,432 miles of interstates and 17,912 exits – there is an exit on average every 2.65 miles. Interstates carry about 60,000 people per route mile a day, 26 times the amount of all other roads, and 22 times the amount of rail passenger services. (US Dept. of Transportation, 2013).

In short, there is an enormous unmet need for exit information. Interstate Data was launched to serve this enormous unmet need, and provide travelers with the information they have long desired and advertisers a targeted way to reach this highly captive audience – one that is driving right by.